"Learn a pH Life"
Wendy Meggett, Ed.S, BCEA, CLC
Coach Wendy "Lrn Lfe"
Founder & Principal

I am a Professional Life Coach, Advocate, & Consultant.
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 About Learn a pH Life
With over 20 years of leadership and management experience, my passion is to guide others on learning to establish personal goals for balancing their lives.  At first encounter, some of the negative aspects of life may be viewed as impossible; however, along the journey, it will be discovered that the positive side can be emphasized resulting in a "pH" life balance. 
I have been an educator in the field of Special Education for over 12  years.  Currently, as a Special Education Program Advisor for a school division in VA, I establish effective communication between the parent, the school and the division which results in  positive outcomes for the student. I am endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education to teach students with learning and emotional disabilities.  I am also endorsed for supervision and administration of educational settings in VA school systems or organizations. 

I specialize in implementing positive behavior strategies to aid in fostering balance in  various areas of the daily lives of children, teenagers, and adults.  Have you ever thought about getting through your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP)? Setting  school or career goals? How about fine tuning your skills as a teacher or administrator? I am the one to call!
Whether your learning needs are for better management  of the  obstacles of home,  parenting, school, work or business, I am the one who can put you on the right path of  achieving positive results!
My words of wisdom, coaching and mentoring are inspired by spiritual principles. Cultivating the mind, body, emotions, & energy allows for reaching a certain level of maturity.