"Learn a pH Life"
Wendy Meggett, Ed.S, BCEA, CLC
Coach Wendy "Lrn Lfe"
Founder & Principal

I am a Professional Life Coach, Advocate, & Consultant.
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​​Everything has a beginning and the idea is to create a legacy that can be carried on for a lifetime. The logo on the left is the first logo for my newly developed idea of a business that I designed by hand (can be seen on the desktop view). A little rough around the edges, right? Well that's ok, because I had an idea way back in 2003 and through constant moving and thinking I established goals, started coaching people, sought certification, became incorporated in 2015, and had a logo designed for my company by a professional. Growth!

This organization was started with humble beginnings. The idea was on the tip of my tongue. It began as the thought of having a Prosperous Healthy Life many years ago. Then as I learned that life required balance (basing it off of my own life at the time), I analyzed the name of my 'thought' and decided to abbreviate prosperouse healthy (pH) making the scientific symbol for balance. I wanted to teach others how to achieve such results and develop goals in life that were meant for them. The greatest thing to remember is that not everyone is meant to do or accomplish the same things in life. What is for you, is for you!

The school part of the name was added as I became an educator. Hence, School of Learn a pH Life LLC. You can build your happiness as well. Just keep moving.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein